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State of California

Contractors License Number – 744742 Classifications

A – General Engineering

C57 – Well Drilling (Water)

C61/D21 –Machinery and Pumps


National Ground Water Association

certifiedCertified Well Driller Certified Pump Installer


State of California

Department of General Services Office of Small Business and DVBE Services

Certified Small Business # 1184160

DIR Reg # 1000013919




Tri County Pump Company has specialized in water well rehabilitation and pump repair since its founding in 1987. In June 1997 we incorporated and formally changed our name from Tri County Equipment and Repair to Tri County Pump Company. We have been located at our current facility in San Bernardino for over 25 years.

Facility and Equipment

The facilities consist of a 2,400 square foot office and shop area, 1.5 acre storage yard, and a 2,000 square foot second building which is used for equipment storage. We maintain a complete on site machine shop. The major equipment consists of two pump rigs, two rotary cranes, flat bed trucks, pick up trucks and a Welding truck with auto crane. The company also has forklifts, engine lathes, milling machines, and all required shop and well tools.


60 Ton Pump Rig

60 Ton Pump Rig